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The Journey of A Living Legacy...

The Wilson Pickett, Jr. Legacy LLC, [WPLegacy] was established on June 17, 2010, under the direction of Maxwell Pickett (CEO/TTE), Wilson's youngest brother. As a boy, from the age of 13 until he entered the military at 20, Maxwell had the pleasure to work on the road under his brother's wing, during the height of Wilson's entertainment career. Many years later, Wilson would spend some precious reflective time with Maxwell before his death in January 2006. It was during this time that Maxwell would come to realize that the brother he admired, loved and often feared, had many deep regrets. Regrets that he had not strengthened and maintained his most important relationships, those with family and friends. Regrets that he had never given a helping hand to up and coming talents that had reached out at times... when just a little help could have made a big difference. He just couldn't seem to get out of his own way...


The words of two of his greatest hits, "It's Too Late" and "I'm Sorry About That", would become testaments of his personal life. In an effort to correct his course, Wilson established his Will & Trust for his children shortly before his death and appointed Maxwell as his Trustee.


Accepting this responsibility and realizing the heartfelt regrets his brother bore, Maxwell felt a desire to help promote his brother's legacy in a way that would be meaningful and pleasing to the Hall of Famer who had become internationally known as, "The Wicked Wilson Pickett".


To date, WPLegacy has independently produced and/or corroborated with other entities the following products that have been purposed to enlighten, educate, enrich and entertain as we continue to extend the living legacy of "The Wicked Wilson Pickett".


  • The Jukebox Musical, "In the Midnight Hour, The Music of Wilson Pickett" written by Kenneth Green

  • The Wilson Pickett Exhibition, "25 at the Top" by Creative Eye Endeavors

  • Biography, "In the Midnight Hour, The Life and Soul of Wilson Pickett" by Tony Fletcher

  • The Documentary, "The Life and Times of Wilson Pickett" BBC Radio

  • The Documentary, " The Story of Wilson Pickett", Unsung TV One

  • The Wilson Pickett Hologram Image by Hologram USA

  • Annual Community Outreach and Engagement, "Wilson Pickett Scholarship, "High School Book Awards", "Student Leadership Workshops"

  • Wilson Pickett Inspired Online Shopping Product Line

  • The City of Prattville Alabama, Wilson's Hometown, honored Wilson with:

    • City Historical Markers 2010

    • "The Annual Wilson Pickett Music and Arts Festival" Inaugurated in June 2018 


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