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The Wilson Pickett Book Awards Scholarships

Book Awards to be Granted to Hometown Prattville High School Students


“My brother was a lover of music, hard work, and determination. However, the lack of a good academic education would become a private frustrating impediment in his career; even for his giant talent. This reality hindered some precious goals he pursued and would later become a personal regret. Amazingly today, many young talented artists still fall prey to the same mistake. Another regret Wilson faced late in life was that he had not given a helping hand to up and coming talents who had reached out when just a little help could have made a great difference...


The Wilson Pickett, Jr. Legacy LLC is dedicated to helping support youth each year by way of scholarship, book awards and leadership workshops as they seek a path of success in careers of music, media, visual, and performing arts. It is my desire to put into motion that which I believe Wilson would be proud to accomplish…to help encourage and support young talented artists who are also academically focused as well.  It is my desire that this effort will become the crown jewel of his legacy". 


-Max Pickett/CEO

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