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Gather the ingredients and supplies (listed below),
press play, watch and make your own cookies too!
Be sure to have an adult helper nearby!

Facilitated by Teacher Jay of Mini Chefs + Bakers,
this workshop makes learning fun!

Ingredients & Supplies

Dry + Wet Ingredients:

- a package of already baked store-bought sugar cookies

- a tube of pre-made sugar cookie dough

(Teacher Jay will be using a tube of Pillsbury but please use whatever brand you can find. Please make sure it is chilled in the fridge until class time.)

- flour (1/2 cup)

- sprinkles

- cookie icing

- please bring white or brown frosting, and if you would like you can also bring a couple other colors of choice.

More Ingredients and Things To Bring To Class:

- a flat baking sheet

- parchment paper

- a large plate to decorate cookies in and another plate to place the finished cookies in

- oven mittens

- apron(optional)

- students will also need access to the oven and an adult to help them with this.

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