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Makin' Moves

Gordie Holt is nothing short of a celebrated choreographer. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, dance has always been a part of his life. He decided to take dance classes after watching Debbie Allen in FAME and was later influenced by a performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Gordie danced professionally for over 10 years, performing in movies such as Stomp the Yard and with R & B artist Monica. In 1999, while choreographing for Colmer USA, Holt realized his passion for choreography. Gordie describes his choreographic style for "In The Midnight Hour" as “contemporary funk groove.”

Wilson Pickett Featured in Muscle Shoals Documentary

If you want to snap your fingers to a jukebox sampler of an amazing selection of American popular music, then the documentary “Muscle Shoals” is for you. Muscle Shoals, Alabama hugs the south bank of the Tennessee River and is the home of FAME Studio and the all-white band known as the Swampers. As a renowned music center, this tiny Alabama town defines an era in American popular music that is undisputable. Credited with breaking the barriers of color and music genres over the airwaves, legendary producer Rick Hall is central to the success of the studio and the music that came out of it. He had a dream that someday there would be racial and cultural cooperation in the music world. The Swampers played on more hits than any comparable outfit of the 60s and 70s. Wilson Pickett is featured in the documentary performing Hey Jude and Land of 1000 Dances, both recorded in Muscle Shoals. The documentary “Muscle Shoals” is one film that should not be missed.

WPL Leadership in the Arts Workshop Held at Morehouse College

The Wilson Pickett, Jr. Legacy LLC held a Leadership in the Arts Workshop for high school students on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Fourteen student artists from Atlanta-area high schools participated in the daylong event engaging in activities focused on concepts of leadership. The workshop included interactive projects, roundtable discussions with local arts professionals and a conversation with NAACP Image Award winner Cassi Davis. Topics included: The World of Arts and Entertainment, Leadership in the Arts, Concepts to Creation and Cultivating Your Creativity.


Student participants were nominated by a high school administrator, teacher, or a community advocate. Selections were based on the students’ display of leadership and commitment to advancing the arts in their schools. The focus of the workshop was to assist students in strengthening skills, appreciating teamwork, cultivating collaboration and furthering their artistic development as they garnered inspiration from their peers. Students utilized concepts of leadership during their peer projects and presentations.


Kenneth Green, Chief Creative Officer of Creative Eye Endeavors, facilitated the workshop.

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